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Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments and programs are offered at MEC?

MEC offers lessons on almost any instrument. Our staff is comprised of versatile instructors able to teach most instruments. We offer classes in general music and songwriting, student ensembles, and more!

What instrument do you recommend for someone who is young or inexperienced?

Most younger students will start out on the piano before graduating to other instruments. The basic nature of a piano is very simple to comprehend and achieve success very quickly. It also offers opportunities to work on fine motor skills that will be required to play more difficult string or wind instruments. It has been proven that if a student seriously studies piano for five or more years, they can more easily transpose that knowledge toward playing other instruments.

How long and how frequent are the lessons?

Beginning students should start with 30 minute weekly lessons. More mature students may start with either 30 or 45 minute weekly or bi-weekly lessons depending on experience and developmental readiness. Since lesson plans are tailored to each student, your teacher may recommend a longer lesson as the student improves, or multiple lessons within the same week.

Where does MEC operate?

MEC operates at the following locations:

  1. Webster Studio - 635 Van Alstyne Rd - Webster, NY 14580
  2. The Pieter's Family Life Center - (Satellite Location)
  3. Teacher's individual location
  4. Watertown Studio - 2 comfortable home locations
  5. Your location of choice - Residential!

What is the current tuition rate?

Current tuition rates and policies are listed here.

What types of payments are accepted?

MEC currently accepts checks or credit card payments.  Since tuition payments are the same each month, credit card payments are automatically drawn on the 1st of the month.

How often will I have to pay tuition?

MEC accepts payments Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly.  Frequency of payment is chosen during registration.

Do I receive tuition credit if my child misses lessons?

There are a variety of ways in which lessons can be made up.  We strongly encourage scheduling make-up lessons any time your student misses their weekly session.  Check out our fees / policies page for more details!


how to...

Registration at Music Education Centers is very simple.  The following requirements must be met before commencing a lesson program at Music Education Centers:

A commitment to regular attendance
Complete the registration form below
Be sure to review the following items:
-Photo Release
-Studio Fees & Policies
Mail in a completed Credit Authorization Form or $85 deposit

Completed tuition assistance form – if applicable
Special Program tuition payment in full – if applicable

new student registration... * indicates required fields

* Applicant’s Name:

* Parent/Guardian:

I am interested in:

* Date of Birth:Age:



* Primary Phone:

* Billing Email Address:

*Please supply the email address checked most often and remember to add and to your address book to ensure proper receipt of billing materials and newsletters.

Briefly discuss the nature of the applicant’s disability, if applicable:

Describe your family’s Musical involvement:

What musical activities does the applicant currently participate in?

* Do you have an instrument for practice at home?

Briefly describe the applicant’s verbal abilities:

Describe the applicant’s reading, letter and number recognition abilities:

How do you deal with problem behaviors at home or at school?

Are there any other special learning or environmental needs that we need to be aware of?

Instrument(s) / Program of interest:

Teacher Preference:

*Preferred Location: 

Best Times for Lesson Scheduling:

The following times are unavailable for scheduling:
* How did you first hear about Music Education Centers?

What community organizations, support networks or other groups are you actively involved with?

What print or online publications do you frequent to find information about individuals with special needs?

* I give Music Education Centers permission to use photographic and/or video documentation of myself / my child for promotional and educational purposes including internet publishing, staff training and as an educational tool for other professionals. 

* I have read the fees / policies:

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